Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting the best of 2010 by Robin Sharma

I sometimes get quite useful things on my inbox, here is a new thing to evaluate your 2009 year and make it even more sucessful in 2010 by Robin Sharme. Will do that for myself. What has been the top moments of 2009 you are proud of?

Hi Aigerim,
We're just about done 2009. On January, 1, 2010, you get a fresh 365 days. A new chance. To create the single best year of your life to date. Most will waste this opportunity and make the new year a repeat of the one just past. Sad. But true. But a few will wake up to the possibility and do 7 things that will ensure 2010 is the most unforgettable twelve months they have experienced yet. Want to be one of the fortunate few? Here's what to do:
Step #1: Evaluate 2009. Do a written story recording what went well this past year and, even more importantly, what areas you could improve on. Also list all your wins and as many high points as you can recall. Get a clear picture of how you showed up.
Step #2: Set Your Theme. Come up with a theme for 2010. It may be "The Year of Financial Freedom" or "The Year of Work Excellence" or "The Year of Fearlessness". But get a theme into a document you can start reviewing every week.
Step #3: Create a Mission. The next step is to develop a one paragraph mission statement and put it into this document. Clarity precedes mastery so the more clear your ultimate mountaintop for 2010 is, the greater your focus will be. And the most positive results you'll see.
Step #4: List Your Big 5. OK, now ask yourself this powerful self-coaching question: "What 5 things need to happen between now and December 31, 2010 for this to have been the single most successful year of my life to date?" Write down those five goals as simply and clearly as possible into this document.
Step #5: Sequence Your Big 5. Now break your Big 5 down into quarterly goals. Set 5 core goals for the first/second/third and fourth quarters of 2010 to ensure you nail your Big 5. Review these every week. Reflect on them everyday if you really want to win. Make these strategic objectives the sole focus of your life.
Step #6: Refocus Every Morning. Life's job is to distract you. Your job is to stay staggeringly focused on what's most important. Take 15 minutes during your morning resetting period to reflect on your goals, to envision your best moves and to track out a day that's productive, passionate and fun.
Step #7: Get Devoted to Learning. The #1 skill of super successful people is that they are relentless learners. While others are wasting time on low-value websites or watching mindless reality tv shows, they are listening to audio programs, studying books on leadership and success and basically creating a rich, beautiful and meaningful life. As you journey through each day of 2010, make the time to fuel your brain with ideas on excellence and creating your absolute best. Nothing's more important than that. And please remember that all it takes is a single idea to transform the way you lead and how you live.
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In Leadership,

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

@ Estonia reaching it's suXess! :)

That's really great, how my lovely AIESEC Estonia, which I do care a lot as an AIESEC country and members who are making it grow, has reached 50+ exchanges in 2009. That's not just "one more" achievement that members and alumnus have to celebrate individually or small teams, or just say "great" and forget in a day, but that's smth everybody has to be proud of and open all together the champaign for it! :) This result hasn't been reached for 5 years!

As a person who was last term responsible for exchange area, I'm so much happy for that, you can't imagine! :) I remember, how last term together with our MC team we got the country in quite "sad mood", especially talking about exchange and how it took us and me personally quite a time to build processes in place and make members "dream big" and by their hard work prove that they can do things, that no one had done before. Made them proud leaving their terms happy and not saying only "ohh, we were learning"... What I see now, it's continuing and growing even bigger - great job for everyone on leadership positions!

So here is the video from our MC team congratulating organization with such success! :) That was a great reunion for our MC to make it too :) Lovely!

Monday, December 07, 2009

We're born alone...

We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship we can create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone...

That's the phrase of my past weeks or already a month. Somehow strange, but the autumn stresses are coming up to me again, well - it's winter already. Yeah, I'm claiming to the weather, which can't be influenced... Understood again, that I'm a person who can be deeply subjected to the changes in personal feelings and mood. I'm too complex. I have the days when I just sit at home and can start crying... Crazy, ha? I can feel useless... Don't wanna talk to anyone, meet friends, rejecting any proposals... Alone. That doesn't affect anyone around, just myself.

People like to wear masks, so I do.

And recently I understood... I lost one important part of "me" - my soul mate. Yes. I never liked to bother anyone with my personal worries and I don't wanna do that now. We are just forgetting each other and that's all. Whatever. I won't open my heart to anyone else anymore...

That's the post for not making you cheering me up. No need. Don't be sorry as well. Just leave me.