Monday, November 16, 2009

Beautiful life

Yes, no worries, I'm alive and my blog which I was managing I think quite well while living in Estonia will be living soon again. Due to several reasons I don't do it properly, where I think that "I can't look on the computer after working days" is the main reason for that. Even on weekend don't open it, however checking personal emails, sending twitter updates, facebook mainly with my mobile device and it's enough for me. However, will try to do my best :)

But here are quickly about current status for start-up.

My current sickness
From yesterday night I got terribly sick - got angene I think for the last couple of years not having it and today even visited doctor, so staying at home healing myself and working from home too. But today feeling much better already.

My lovely job
Yes, it still remains to be my lovely job - working at Nokia and I'm really-really happy that decision was taken right. It's sometimes quite tough and complicated in terms of managing many different things at once, but I think I do my best with all of that and still learning. I noticed, there are always different weeks with various activities to do, coordinate, manage and I'm so much happy that it's never becomes a routine!

My apathy
However, recently I started to feel lonely. Yes, stupid feeling you say - so many friends, I'm at home etc. It gets me depressed that in personal life apart of job nothing being changed, all the time the same way of spending time with friends, same talks that get me tired, everything gets standard - time to differentiate... In Estonia that's for sure was more exciting - it's still good to be a foreigner abroad with good international community - people love to explore new things and places! :) Ei-ole-manana, that's for you! :)

"Not nice explorations" on KZ
Since I came back home I got used very fast to the way of living here and everything seemed to be normal and I really enjoy. However, recently I experienced by personal experience again the very well known bureaucracy of Kazakhstan - long story, but the main conclusion after such situations that the country isn't made "for people", but still remains to be the big engine of proceeders, tons of approvals, signatures, decisions stuck in different people, who don't want to move their "nice a**es" to help you. And when you try to fight with this structure, it gets painful and not all manage to dig till the end. However, I did it.

Also, a while ago, our government accepted the changes in law on Mass Media, where they added Internet as the media "to be coordinated". As recently we had some cases when opposition run abroad, chairmen of famous local banks run away due to debts, budget thefts (which they don't accept for sure) etc., then the access to their personal blogs on LifeJournal and Blogger was closed. So I didn't have access to my blog as well... Now somehow it has been opened. That's how our government solves issues, stupid... Ohhh, I think I shouldn't be writing it :)

My Ielts preparation
Yes, for almost 2 months I'm attending Ielts course preparation to finally submit the English proficiency test. I thought that I could manage on my own with preparation, but understood that it's impossible. So hope will submit it in January to finally have the paper in case I plan to do my long planned Master abroad.

So, that's all from my side. See you soon and hope the posts will be more practical next time :)