Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last week

Time of saying goodbyes to many dare to me people and capturing my experiences with the learning moments in Estonia is painfully coming day by day... I have the very last week to be here. Nothing really special to say until now, as any kind of person who has the certain time left to live in the country you love and not knowing when you’ll be back, I’m trying to enjoy the most sunny Estonian summer, having fun and adventures with my international and Estonian friends, completing my imaginary “to-do” list, picturing in my memory certain places in the Tallinn Old Town that I love, buying one by one presents to my family and friends, saying already goodbyes and “see you one day” words…

Here are some of the highlights of my past weeks

Trip to Oslo to visit Deniss - 4-8 June. And I fell truly in love with this city!

Trip to Saaremaa island for weekend with my international friends - 20-22 June 2009

What’s next I still don’t know and currently in the process of creating my future paths, but definitely I still don’t want to loose the independent life-style I’m already got used here so much. Also looking forward to see my parents and friends, who are passionately waiting for me at home and I’m already imagining our long-hours talks about how things were changed since I left home and me, telling the stories, of how I fell in love with Estonia and my one-year life here.

I think my next post I will already write from home country Kazakhstan… And I have a long trip to go there...